Astrobotic Branding

Two versions of the logo developed for Astrobotic Technology. The objective was to create a strong, versatile, and timeless visual identity for the company. Astrobotic is a space robotics company that aims to land a robotic rover on the Moon. The visual brand draws influence from Astrobotic’s technical prowess, the Machine Age and Art Deco designs, spacecraft from science fiction, and Pittsburgh’s industrial legacy. The simple, geometric icon communicates solidarity and upward motion without being overly representational.

Astrobotic Main Logo

The main logo for Astrobotic Technology

Astrobotic Horizontal Logo

Horizontal version of the Astrobotic Logo

Logo on the Polaris rover

The logo on the Astrobotic Polaris rover’s front panel. Panel fabricated by Nick Letwin

Horizontal Logo with Rover Photo

Logo in use with a photo (taken by myself) of Astrobotic’s Red Rover for a promotional image