Hey everyone.  I’m a designer and illustrator based in Pittsburgh, PA.  I studied industrial design at Carnegie Mellon University.  I have since dabbled in many areas of design, including web, branding, and user interaction.  I’m open to exploring all types of design.  I’ve always been fascinated by the convergence and relationship between art and technology.  I love seeking out the beauty in Pittsburgh’s industrial ruins.  I spend a lot of time figuring out how a human operator can efficiently control and work alongside a team of highly autonomous robots, or how a child would explore space through a robot’s eyes.  I enjoy inventing and developing physiologically and evolutionarily plausible creatures.  There are a lot of oddball things I like doing, drawing, and daydreaming about.


I’m interested in new job opportunities and open for commission work.


My resume can be downloaded here: Allison’s Resumé


I can be reached at:  ALambertJ@gmail.com


Aethas (or Æthas) was the name of one of my design school projects.  I retained the domain and now use it for my portfolio.  The domain featuring my actual name was way, way beyond my budget.