The Photo


This is the photo I took for one of my most recent projects (a book cover).  I got the brief, and knew exactly where I needed to photograph.  The book is full of things like grittiness, bleakness, urban exploration, raw emotion,  and Catholicism.  A derelict cathedral seemed pretty perfect.  Even so, I had the idea to get a more grandiose shot of the boarded-up front doors or one of the bell towers and its rotting roof.  But then around back, there was an outbuilding.  The stone cladding was falling off the brick structure underneath, and the Gothic windows were neatly and completely boarded up.  The whole place was remarkably free of crappy graffiti.  So I took the picture with my stupid ancient dSLR.

Out of all the shots I took, this was it.  I knew it, and the author knew it.  It was What The Story Looked Like.  I like that Chip Kidd mantra, that book covers are about showing what the story looks like, and it’s a good mantra to follow in all design, because it’s pretty much what design, especially graphic design, is about.   And this, in a nutshell, is what Where I End and You Begin looks like.

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